Help to add gypsum to the farm land


My name is Prabhakar Rao. We are doing farming. I have 1 acre 10 cents land. The land has become infertile. If we use gypsum we hope that the land will become fertile. Due to this, the crops are not growing properly. We are not getting our investment back properly sometimes. We took many loans for agriculture. People are saying that gypsum will be helpful to make our land fertile. If anyone sponsors gypsum, it is very helpful to cultivate our land. We hope we can grow more crops and clear our debts..


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Rajendra prasad

All the best

3rd Aug 2020 12:05:55 PM

Akshay Parate

This is small support from my side.May this help you for some extents.Thank You

31st Jul 2020 03:29:25 PM

Krishna sai Cherukuri

Farmers are the real heros. We salute to your hard work. Would like to suggest to use natural methods to increase your land fertility. So our mother earth won't be effected. A farm is more than land and crops. It is a family’s heritage and future.

31st Jul 2020 03:25:42 PM


Farmers are more optimists than everyone out there. Farming is the reason that our Indian economy never collapsed. We shall support farmers so that they'll not get stuck in crisis.

31st Jul 2020 03:24:28 PM


Salute to the farmers...

17th Jul 2020 09:20:28 AM


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